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Supporting young people to develop resiliency, courage, competence and service for the higher good in a fear ridden age

Jack Petrash, Nancy Jewel Poer, Jeanne Feeney

October 11—13, 2019

White Feather Ranch, Placerville, California

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With a firm belief we have chosen to be born in these times, veteran parents and master Waldorf teachers, Jack Petrash and Nancy Jewel Poer, team up together (as they have in nation wide lecturing on mothering and fathering), to bring a conference on empowering our young people.

To educate, guide, and inspire our children, the adults in their lives need to have life perspective, knowledge for supporting health in body, mind and soul, and be strengthened in modeling, courage, competence, and enthusiasm for taking on life in today’s world.

We are witnessing a generation falling precipitously into physical and mental ill health and wavering confidence in life and their place in it, especially as artificial intelligence replaces jobs and dominates our lives.

It is imperative that parents, caregivers, and teachers responsible at home and in the class room help children to develop ideals, practical life skills, self confidence, courage, competence, connectedness to others, to nature and to their own deeper humanity.

Young people need to have their uniqueness affirmed, to realize their gifts, and to know the importance of contributing to the greater good and fulfilling their mission in life. It begins with the earliest years.


Begins 5pm on Friday and ends with lunch on Sunday.


Registering early is recommended.

The registration fee for this retreat is $280.00, which includes:

  • retreat fees
  • organic meals
  • materials
  • ranch dorm lodging

Saturday Only: $100

Camping space and Scholarships available: email Nova Institute.

White Feather Ranch in the beautiful Sierra foothills, Placerville, CA, 95667

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