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On Parenting

On Parenting

From April, 2008, until June of 2010, the Nova Institute's director, Jack Petrash, hosted a radio show, On Parenting, on Washington, D.C.'s, Pacifica Station, WPFW.FM.

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Book Jacket Joan Almon

With Joan Almon | 20 Apr '09

This show discusses the Alliance for Childhood's new report, Crisis in the Kindergarten: Why Children Need to Play in School with its director, Joan Almon.

Wild Things Stephen James

With Stephen James | 3 Mar '09

Jack's guest is Stephen James, author of Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys.

Velma LaPoint Susan Linn

With Susan Linn and Velma LaPoint
9 Feb '09

Jack and guests, Susan Linn and Velma LaPoint, take a close look at the commercialization of childhood.

Whole New Mind Daniel Pink

With Daniel Pink | 15 Dec '08

Daniel Pink discusses his best selling book, A Whole New Mind, and its implications for parents and teachers.


With Dr. Ioana Razi | 17 Nov '08

Dr. Ioana Razi discusses the important connection between the pediatrician and the parents in promoting health and healing in children.

Joan Almon

With Joan Almon | 19 Sep '08

Joan Almon discusses over-schooling the young.