Re-Connecting Conference

Weaving Indigenous Wisdom
into Life and Education

Pastel painting of California indigenous people's artifacts and tools including from left to right the rising sun behind rock glyphs, an ornamental headdress of feathers and painted symbols, a handmade basket with freshly picked herbs, a mountain pine tree and a decorated dream catcher behind a new moon at night all on a large rock grind stone with a pestle in one of the grind holes.

April 12—15, 2019

At White Feather Ranch

With gifted Native Elders we will participate in a school in the forest, bringing ritual, lessons and activities to use in the classroom.

We will find our pine trees, gather the materials and weave pine needle baskets honoring the "Basket" at every level — outwardly a container for objects, inwardly a metaphor for receiving new thinking, feeling, and doing out of the values that support individuals, students, community and our Mother Earth.

We will live into the profound primal wisdom of original people — all so needed for the planet to survive today:

* Reciprocity *
* Reverence for and connectedness to all life *
* Considering our decisions to the 7th Generation *
* Well being of our community *
* Taking only what is needed *
* Working in harmony with the Natural World *
* Sustainability *
* Living a principled life and more *

We will follow with relevant ideas for economic/social life today based on Rudolf Steiner's work with three fold social order and supported by the inclusive, sustainable, wisdom gifted to us by First Nations.

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